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We are glad that our clients also care about the environment. This is evidenced by the launch of a hybrid photovoltaic system with power accumulation in batteries at Contera Park Ostrava City.


ADLER Czech installed a total of 947 photovoltaic panels on the façade and roof of the hall. This system, together with the high-capacity batteries and co-generation units, is capable of producing almost 100% of operational energy, which also includes charging of fork-lift trucks and electric cars.


Thanks to the sophisticated control system, the batteries can protect the operation from blackout. The solution is only good for several hours, but in combination with the photovoltaic panels – under good light conditions – the period of possible utilisation of the back-up variant significantly improves.


The project was built with the help of European subsidies, namely of more than CZK 8 million, which ADLER received for this project.


Source: ADLER Czech, a.s. Press release


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