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November 02 2021


A major reconstruction is under way at Contera Park Říčany, which will transform the area beyond recognition. At present, the front section of the Sanitas building is being redesigned and the recently renamed TERRA building, where Rossmann pharmacy had previously resided until recently, will also get a new glass façade. The park is also undergoing a radical revitalisation of paved surfaces and greenery.


Contera has been based in Říčany for more than a decade and last year embarked on the reconstruction of buildings acquired in 2018. The largest warehouse in the park, known as Sanitas, is undergoing the first modernisation phase. Part of the multi-storey warehouse is changing into offices and business premises. It is the front section of the building adjoining U Sanitasu Street, which will be connected to the existing business zone in the future.  


The premises on the Sanitas first floor already have their lessees, namely the Intercars and Safibra companies. The office spaces, showroom and other facilities on the second and third floors, with a total area of more than 6,000 m2, will be occupied by the largest lessee in the Říčany Park, the electronics wholesaler FAST ČR. A substantial part of the reconstruction will be completed in spring 2022.

Retail and new greenery

The TERRA building, which had until recently housed Rossmann, is also undergoing a large transformation. At present, it is a mere skeleton to which Contera will install a new façade in the following days. This part of the reconstruction, which also includes extension of the building, should be finished by spring 2022. Retail units for Rossmann, the Spokojený pes company and other lessees will be established on the first floor after its completion. New offices for rent will be built on the upper level in the first phase, where Contera will also move its headquarters,. which is currently located in the Q Building that will be renovated next year.  

If you have visited Contera Park recently, you will have noticed several closures. This has resulted from the ongoing replacement of paved surfaces, i.e. roads, pavements and car parks, which were not in a good condition.  


“The reconstruction also involves a significant renovation and extension of the greenery, which started last year and now continues within the paved surfaces restoration. In this respect, we want to achieve a higher standard to make Contera Park Říčany an even better place to work, shop and provide quality services”, says Tomáš Kotlovský, the Contera Project Manager.


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