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Jun 23 2019


In June, Contera supported the Czech and European Middle-Distance Quadrathlon Championship at the 2019 Quadrathlon, which took place in Týn nad Vltavou for the 18th year.


The event centred on the Valcha Arena and included a 1.5 km swim in the Vltava River, a 36.5 km bike ride along a circuit from Týn nad Vltavou to Neznašov and back, an 8 km kayak race, and a 10 km run through Týn Park.

Tomáš Svoboda, brother of London Olympics gold medallist David Svoboda, won the Czech and European Championship with a time of 2:35:11.69. Lisa Teichert (3:13:20.16) from Germany was the top female athlete, while 19-year-old Magdaléna Koberová (3:15:21.35) won the Czech Championship in the junior division and finished second overall at the European Championship.

The race in Týn nad Vltavou was organised by the World Quadrathlon Federation and included an open relay race, which employees of Contera participated in as a team. The KalokaGathia Alliance won the relay with team members Kozubek, Kočař, Moudrý, and Csirik.  

For all the results of the 2019 Quadrathlon, go to:


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