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March 4 2021


Czech developer Contera has begun the construction of a logistics complex on the site of a former brownfield in Hrušov. The future Contera Park Ostrava D1 will have the latest modern technologies and rare parameters. For example, the first hall, to where the largest domestic sports goods retailer, Sportisimo, will move its logistics headquarters, has a clear height of up to 23 metres, automated systems and cooling, and will be one of the largest in the Czech Republic with 90,000 m2. In the coming years, up to 700 people will find work here. A warehouse for Plzeňský Prazdroj is currently being built in Hrušov.


Contera is building one of the largest and most modern industrial parks in the Czech Republic on a long-disused brownfield. After long preparations, the project was started in a territory that has fallen into disrepair since the end of the last century. Sportisimo became the first tenant, and the contract that Contera concluded with the company was the largest transaction on the Czech industrial real estate market last year.

“The structure we are preparing for Sportisimo is unique and ground-breaking in many respects. It is a structure tailored to the client, full of modern technology, with an attractive working environment and an emphasis on elements of sustainability and development. It is also the largest building we have worked on so far. We like interesting challenges, we have the experience for that", says Dušan Kastl, partner and Executive Director of Contera. “It has been confirmed to us that there is significant interest in this location. We are also preparing structures for other clients and the Contera Park Ostrava D1 project is thus being filled very quickly”, adds Kastl.

The first hall, on which Contera is working intensively in Hrušov, will be one of the largest in the Czech Republic after its completion in July 2022 with a built-up area of approximately 90,000 m2. Thanks to the five-storey mezzanine, the usable area is in fact around 140,000 m2. The speciality, however, is primarily the above-standard clear height of the part of the hall called the High Bay, which will be up to 23 metres high. “There are really very few similar halls in the Czech Republic. In addition, there will be no employees at all in the High Bay area, only robotised stackers”, says Martin Budina, Contera’s Project Director.


Contera will also fulfil other requirements of the Sportisimo plant, which plans to employ almost 700 people in two shifts in its new logistics headquarters in the coming years. The part of the hall where the five-storey mezzanine will be located will be air-conditioned, which is unique due to the cost of operation of similar buildings. Employees will receive comfort in the form of a modern dining room and changing rooms, which will visually mimic the sports look of the Sportisimo administrative headquarters in Prague.  

The premises will be controlled by modern software, which will make it possible to reduce operating costs or improve the speed and quality of goods delivery to stores and customers. From Contera Park Ostrava D1, Sportisimo will serve stores and e-shops in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, or even in Hungary, Austria and Germany.  

“I believe that the new investment and layout of the warehouses will ensure the necessary capacity for many years to come and will also improve the customer experience, as we will be faster and will be able to offer a wider range of goods. From a logistical point of view, we will reach the peak of technology, which not every Czech company is able to achieve. Very high-quality conditions for warehouse employees also go hand in hand with this", says Pavel Vajskebr, co-owner and CEO of Sportisimo. The company should move into the first part of the building in January 2022, whilst the entire hall will be available about half a year later.  


In Contera Park Ostrava D1, another hall with a size of 40,000 m2 will be built, part of which will be occupied by Plzeňský Prazdroj. In addition to modern technologies, Contera also focuses on sustainability and an attractive working environment in Hrušov. Therefore, as in other parks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is preparing, among other things, an above-standard amount of greenery and high-quality park landscaping.  


Contera has extensive experience with demanding revitalisations of brownfields. In the past, for example, it dealt with revitalisations in Ostrava-Kunčičky and Říčany near Prague. In the immediate vicinity of the D1 highway, the brownfield in Hrušov comprises an area of 35 hectares, which first needed to be rehabilitated and freed from contamination in the form of giant illegal landfills. There used to be lodging houses for workers from the surrounding factories here, but after 1989 the site was displaced, and at the end of the last century life completely disappeared from the area. The City of Ostrava believes that Hrušov will be revived and that the region will be made more attractive due to the upcoming Contera Park Ostrava D1.   

“Ostrava has devoted a lot of time, energy and funds to consolidating this originally devastated area and preparing it in a form suitable for offer to investors. Although there was strong pressure to use it to move material from a nearby heap in Heřmanice, in the end we decided to prepare the site for the implementation of a suitable development plan. I am very pleased that our assumption of the high potential of the territory for the industrial real estate market has been confirmed. I believe that the companies coming to the park will bring quality jobs and development to the city to Ostrava and the region, even in the intensive connection with science and research", said the Mayor of Ostrava Tomáš Macura.  


The surface work on the brownfield began in the spring of 2020, and now the columns of the two mentioned halls are in place. The third industrial hall and technology centre should also be a part of Contera Park Ostrava D1.  


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