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AUG 5 2020


PaperFoam is a world-renowned producer of eco-friendly packaging from the Neth-erlands, and it is expanding its production into the Czech Republic. The company will start producing its 100% compostable and environmentally friendly packaging at Contera Park in Teplice in August. This unique operation will create dozens of new jobs in the Ústí nad Labem region


In addition to its production plant in the Netherlands, PaperFoam also has production plants in the USA and Malaysia. Moreover, it has now entered into a long-term agreement with the Czech developer and acquired 2,536 m2 of space at Contera Park in Teplice, northern Bohemia. This area will be used to produce unique “green” pack-aging, which is used in many industries, including cosmetics, health care and elec-tronics. The company will also use this facility for spacious offices.  

“Since establishing our Company in 1998, we have been pioneers and experimenters in the area of organic material with low carbon traces. Our starch-based and cellulose-based sustainable packaging solutions have won over innovation professionals as well as customers who want to combine their products with new, intelligent ways of packing with significantly lower carbon traces than traditional chemical products,” says Willem Derkman, CEO of PaperFoam.  


 “The new production site in Teplice is essential in order to meet the high demand for sustainable packaging in Europe. In Europe, this location offers us perfect logistical access and sufficient potential for further growth. It will help us fulfil our mission, which is to save 100,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2025 by replacing traditional packaging with those of PaperFoam,” adds Derkman.  


Due to the fact that the client had early access to their future premises at Contera Park in Teplice, the unit is already prepared and patented production will start on 1 August 2020. Thanks to the arrival of the Dutch company, dozens of new job posi-tions in production and administration will be created in the region.   The total area of Contera Park in Teplice is 46,200 m2, which is now fully occupied after the conclusion of the contract with PaperFoam. Yusen Logistics remains the largest lessee. Advanced Intelligent Supply Chain is another logistics company that has undergone a recent expansion, thanks to which the company could increase its workforce to 345 employees, the most of all lessees at the Park. Last year, Advanced Intelligent Supply Chain also hired dozens of women on maternity leave and offered them part-time jobs for 20 hours per week.    


“We are very pleased that Contera Park in Teplice, as well as our other industrial parks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, still manage to develop in line with our client’s individual needs, are helpful and able to define tailor-made conditions for eve-ryone’s business,” concluded Lucie Havlíčková, Leasing Manager at Contera.  


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