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JUN 22 2020


Extra reinforced floors, lighting resistant to temperatures up to 70 degrees, prefabri-cated tanks embedded in the ground. These are some of the  particular features that the builder of Contera industrial parks dealt with when expanding the production hall for Aludyne. The leading car component manufacturer can now make use of a 20,000 m2 area in Contera Park Ostrava City and bring 350 new jobs to the region. In addition, Ostrava public transport will start a service to the park in the summer.


Aludyne, which supplies components for car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar, has been a client of Contera Park Ostrava City since 2018. The utilisable floor area has recently been expanded by about 5,000 m2. Contera was originally scheduled to hand over the expanded area on 1June, but it completed all work and modifications early and gave the client the keys on 12 May.    


“We are delighted that we could fully rely on our suppliers, who complied with the schedule, and even during the pandemic, and in spite of all the restrictions every-thing went smoothly. So we were able to hand the hall over to the client ahead of time,” says Tomáš Kotlovský, Contera project manager. Aludyne is now waiting for the final stamp from the Building Authority. It has already received the necessary permits from the fire brigade and the Hygiene Authority.    


Therefore, trial operations could be launched in the new hall at the beginning of June, which usually last 12 months, but may be extended by up to three years. “It is very likely that Aludyne will need the extension. As the production in the hall will be very demanding in terms of technology, the Hygiene Authority will particularly measure noise, the presence of chemical substances and similar things, which can only be monitored under the conditions of full operation,” adds Kotlovský.    


As regards the preparation of the halls, the most difficult stage for Aludyne was to deal with the foundations of the old buildings still present in the brownfield in Kunčičky. In the first stage, Contera worked deep in the ground for almost 8 months in order to remove what was left of the original sanitary facility, and the issue of the existing foundation constructions also had to be handled, to a lesser extent, during the expansion. Which makes the fact that Contera was able to hand over the building to the client in advance all the more impressive.    


During the construction of the hall, which will fill the capacity of Contera Park Ostra-va City to 100%, the developer had to face a number of technological challenges. “This is an aluminium processing plant, so we had to sink cooling water tanks into the ground for Aludyne, prepare crane installation systems, and increase the load bearing capacity of the floors more than usual. They are up to 40 cm thick and con-tain three layers of rebar. There is also a high-performance LED light in the hall that you can’t normally buy on the market. Due to the furnace operation, it must resist temperatures of up to 70 degrees,” explains Kotlovský.    


Besides the expanded production hall, the construction work also includes a new energetic centre that contains, for example, a filling station and compressor room. In addition, Contera extended the car park intended exclusively for Aludyne, which can now offers parking for an addition 60 cars.    


The operation in Contera Park Ostrava City, where you can also find a warehouse of Ikea, the biggest producer of furniture in the world, and the carrier company DB Schenker, will be made much easier from 1 July thanks to its public transport connec-tion to city bus line No. 61. The bus stop will be located directly opposite the Ikea warehouse and will be named Kunčičky, Contera Park.    


“We have already arranged and approved everything with the Municipal Authority and with Dopravní podnik Ostrava, and the schedule for summer has already been prepared. Rebranded columns will be among the things that will facilitate the orien-tation of the park staff, who now also include 350 new Aludyne employees,” concludes Kotlovský.    


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