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JUN 23 2020


Contera Parks enjoy great interest from customers in Slovakia. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, Contera extended a contract with Den Braven, the leading construction chemical company, and with the logistics firms DHL Express and CS Cargo. The Pack4you shipping company is a new customer.   


Den Braven, the largest producer and distributor of construction chemicals on the Czech and Slovak markets, has operated in Svätý Jur since 2008 and, in addition to storage areas, it also has its Slovak headquarters in Contera Park. "For our Company, Contera Park is an ideal solution. Svätý Jur has a great location, and we have always received top-quality services", explains Miroslav Mohyla, Den Braven purchasing director.  


The international transportation giant DHL Express opened its air cargo distribution centre for Slovakia in Rača in 2014, and has remained faithful to the location even after its renaming to Contera Park Bratislava. The Pack4you transportation company also set up shop at the same location this year. Last year, the premises were also extended by the PKZ logistics company and the Ikar book publisher. In Contera Park Prešov, the Slovak transportation company CZ Cargo extended its contract in the first quarter of this year.  


"Much like the Czech Republic, we also have a very stable and balanced portfolio in Slovakia. We are entering the complicated period the economy is likely to face boosted by the trust of our customers", said Dušan Kastl, Contera partner and chief executive.  


Contera Park Svätý Jur is currently fully occupied, and less than 7,500 m2 in Rača and around 5,500 m2 in Prešov is available for immediate lease. There, the Company also offers approximately the same area for built-to-suit construction.    


Customers appreciate the strategic location, excellent transport availability of the parks and the services provided by Contera: "We always strive to establish long-term relationships with customers. Their satisfaction and trust are our best reward", confirms Svetozár Rohoň, Contera senior asset manager in Slovakia.  This was also confirmed at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, when Contera managed to comply with all sanitary regulations, thus creating conditions allowing tenants to run their plants under full operation.   

Last autumn, Contera bought two Vector Parks sites from Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), one near Bratislava, the other near Prešov. It took over their administration in April and opened its own branch in Bratislava. 


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